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Lava Rock Diffuser


Transport your senses to paradise with our Lava Rock Diffuser.

Introducing a unique and sustainable way to diffuse fragrance. Sanatio Naturalis Lava Rock Diffuser is a decorative object designed to infuse your space with therapeutic essential oil blends and create a delightful sensory experience. The scent is gently diffused through ultra absorbent volcanic rocks. Within our finest therapeutic pure essential oil range, fill your room with a delicious scent, whether it be the natural fragrances of a forest, happy citruses, relaxing French lavender, cleansing mints, or warm spices.

The set contains: a Marble Vessel, a Brass Lid, Volcanic Rocks, a 10ml Retreat Essential Oil Blend. Beautifully presented in a luxury gift box. Sanatio Naturalis Lava Rock Diffusers are handcrafted with exceptional materials, and each piece is unique.


Fresh, Floral Citrus Blooming, Delightful, Sunny, Radiant

Cheerful fragrances that represent happy moments. Joyful by nature.

Smells like spa time! Retreat is fresh and invigorating. An aromatherapy blend illuminated by the vibrant smile of flowers and citrus fruits to help relax and balance the mind, inspire feelings of joy, and promote overall wellness. It’ll transport you to a five-star hotel and lush vacations. Breathe in the moment and take you on a sensory journey to enhance your wellbeing with our purest essential oil blend.

Depending on the room size, add 5 - 10 drops of Sanatio Naturalis Retreat Essential Oil Blend to the volcanic rocks to slowly release the fragrance.

To change fragrances, rinse rocks and allow to dry before applying a new fragrance oil. Alternatively up-cycle your vessel as a vase, container for beauty accessories, and a decorative box.

Dimensions: D 10 CM x H 9 CM

Material: Marble and Brass

Each piece features a unique pattern, depending on the block of marble it was carved from, which creates an individualistic quality in every product.